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Christmas Tree Lighting Event – Live Streaming

The Christmas Tree lighting event was held on Saturday, November 27’th.  The Center Harbor Band played carols, the audience sang and the community served cocoa and cookies.  It WAS COLD – but about 75 people attended.  You can watch the replay at https://www.facebook.com/centerharbor.cda/live_videos/

“To our neighbors, friends and visitors…… It’s time to celebrate the Holidays together again with joy and hope in our hearts and songs on our lips.

2020 and 2021 have been a trying time for us all, but with the Holidays coming there is a whiff of change in the air, perhaps the colder weather,  perhaps the sense that the worst of the COVID crisis has passed or perhaps it’s our need for social contact.  Simply put, it’s time to get on with our lives and get out of the house!

In celebration of the coming Holidays, and in recognition of our desire to restore normality to our lives, The Center Harbor Community Development Association invites one and all to join us for a free, safe, family friendly outdoor Christmas Tree lighting to ring in the season with friends, and neighbors.

Please join us at the Gazebo on the Town Green in Center Harbor on Saturday November 11th at 5:00 PM. 

Members of the Center Harbor Town Band will present a short program of Holiday music, and lead us in singing Christmas Carols. At 5:30 the Holiday Tree lights will be turned on and remain on for the rest of the season.  There will be free hot chocolate and cookies for all..  The formal program will end at 6:00 PM, but the entire village will be lit up and the shops and restaurants will be open for your enjoyment.  Bring your children, your friends, your family and neighbors to help us celebrate this year’s Holiday Season.

Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas from the Center Harbor Community Development Association.

We look forward to welcoming you back to Center Harbor, the best place on Earth!


We are an community association of local businesses and organizations, volunteering our time and resources, to enhance the beauty and appeal of Center Harbor.  We do this through various events and promotions, for residents and visitors alike. We would like everyone who lives, works and plays here, to experience the beauty and friendliness of our town and to enjoy everything Center Harbor has to offer.
Sponsored events throughout the year include Skatefest, Lobsterfest and Small Business Saturday.  Center Harbor is located on the northern end of Lake Winnipesaukee, between Meredith and Moultonborough, NH.  

Updated June 9, 2017

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