Broadband Survey


What: Moultonborough is participating in a survey about the adequacy of your internet service, sponsored by Carroll County Broadband Committee and North Country Council.  The purpose of the survey is to determine the feasibility for high-speed fiber internet connections to every interested home, business and institution in the region.

Carroll County Broadband Committee is a group of select board representatives from all the towns in Carroll County.  Its goal is to bring adequate internet to everyone that wants it.

This survey will be used to learn which neighborhoods still need adequate coverage and the demand for faster speeds.

The survey is conducted online by Survey Monkey.  Paper copies of the survey are also available to fill out and mail in.

The survey is a critical step in knowing if it is financially and technically feasible to bring better internet to the region. Thank you for you participation.

Please help get out the word.  Moultonborough’s goal is adequate internet for 100% of its developed properties.  To get there, we are hoping to identify neighborhoods that need better options.
Links to the survey and other information about broadband

Outreach Flyers

Please use these flyers below to spread the word about the survey:

Broadband 101 Presentation

Please click below to view the presentation materials from the May 7th 2020 Broadband 101 Commission Presentation.

Second Survey

The State of NH is also conducting a broadband survey.  We encourage you to take both, but please do the Carroll County one first so that we more quickly have local knowledge of the needs.

NH Social Distancing Broadband Impact Survey

Due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak and subsequent social distancing period for many individuals, there is a focus on broadband / internet connectivity for households across New Hampshire.  The State of New Hampshire is interested in capturing data related to availability, affordability and reliability of your broadband service at your residence. The State of New Hampshire is partnering with Mission Broadband, Inc. to conduct the following survey.

How to write a conserve water essay

How to write a conserve water essay

Writing an essay on how to conserve water is not that challenging. This is because you first have to discover the essence of conserving water and the means and methods of how to conserve water. To write a conserve water essay, consider the following tips:

  • Select a title. This will help you, and your audience know what you are writing about as well as allow you not to brainstorm too much.

  • Conduct research. Try and gather as much information as to why conserving water is important and how one can conserve water. For instance, below are some of the reasons why we need to conserve water:

  • It helps reduce or prevent water pollution in nearby water bodies such as lakes and rivers.

  • It helps you save money on utility bills which many individuals do not like incurring.

  • Conserving water helps to extend the lives of your septic tanks since they do not get to be saturated with soil.

  • Use a mind map. A mind map enables you to sort out your information so as not to get mixed up. This will help you distinguish between why we need to conserve water and the methods one can use to conserve water. For example, below are some of the ways one can conserve water:

  • Do not take long showers. Avoid taking long showers since you tend to waste a lot of water. You can simply fill a bucket or a basin with water and use it to bathe.

  • Check out for leaks in pipes and faucets. Leaks in the pipes and drains can make you incur huge water bills which are not good for you. Ensure that you do not have leaks in the pipes and faucets. You can also use your water meter to check for hidden leaks.

  • Do not use running water to rinse dishes. While cleaning utensils, many people enjoy doing them while the water is running. This makes a lot of water go to waste which is not good. You can simply fill a basin with water and rinse your dishes in there.

  • Flush the toilets with little water. While going to the toilets, you do not necessarily have to flush all the time. This is because you are wasting a lot of water. When you are not that pressed, learn to fill the toilet tank with a gallon jug of water. That will be good to keep the toilet clean and allow you to conserve water.

  • Remember to close taps after use. Ensure that after you are through with brushing your teeth, you close the taps tightly. Do not leave them leaking as this makes water go to waste however little it may be.

  • Use a broom while cleaning the driveway or sidewalk. Learn to use a broom while cleaning instead of a hose. This will enable you to clean faster and hence save your energy and conserve water in the end.

  • Deep-soak your garden/lawn. The garden tends to dry up quickly when not watered well. Ensure that you water it in the morning and have it deeply soaked. This will enable the roots to store enough water for use during the day.

  • Develop an outline. An outline is fundamental in essay writing as it helps your article have a smooth and easy flow. Moreover, it helps simplify the writing process.

For examples check

SkateFest 2017 Planning Meeting

We have a meeting this Thursday 1/26/17 at 9am in the meeting room of Town Hall.

If you are responsible for a task, please bring your updates. If you can not attend, please email me your status. Thank you.


2019 Lobsterfest – Thursday, August 8th!

The 2019 event will be August 8’th.  Please mark your calendars.

Please join our local community at the 2019 Center Harbor Lobsterfest – Thursday, August 8 at the Center Harbor Fire Station.  Come enjoy the beautiful summer weather, food, music and bring the kids!  Profits go towards community development projects, such as Center Harbor Statefest, a free winter event in February.

TIckets are limited to 500,  on sale now.  Available at Heath’s Supermarket and the Center Harbor Town Hall.

Tickets: $20 for complete Lobster dinner; $15 for complete Chicken Dinner

Kids eat FREE at the Kids Korner  (hot dogs, macaroni and cheese, beverage and cookies)

Skatefest 2017

Third Annual Family Skate day and Figure Skating Demonstration Scheduled for February 18th 2017  Center Harbor Beach.  Free admission, food and hot beverages.  Skating demonstration by local clubs will be from 2-3:30.  Everyone is invited to build a snow sculpture in the park or on the ice.

Skatefest planning meeting

A Skatefest 2017 planning meeting will be held on Thursday the 29th, at the Center Harbor Inn, at 9am.   After the meeting, there will be a sneak peek at the newly renovated Inn. Thank you Justin et al.

Building the Community From The Inside Out