Snow Sculptures

At Skatefest 2017, for the first time, there will be a snow sculpting event.  Businesses, organizations and the public are invited to build a snow sculpture as part of Skatefest.  Local residents are also encouraged to build sculptures in their yards, to help add to the festive atmosphere.  The sculptures will remain up for several weeks after the event.

The rules for the 2017 Skatefest Snow Sculpture event are minimal, since it is the first time.  Please have fun, be creative and keep in mind that it is a family event.  Businesses can start building statues as soon as there is enough snow.  The public will build statues during SkateFest.  All public participants will receive a participation gift.

Business SculpturesBusiness Sculpture
  • No limit on size or means of construction
  • Build the statue on your store’s property, or other areas where you have permission.
  • You may start any time – please be done by morning of February 18
  • Let the Skatefest organizers know (email to you are building a statue to be included in promotional materials.
Same Day SculpturesSame Day Sculpture
  • Anyone can make a same day snow sculpture
  • Can start any time on Saturday, February 18
  • No structural materials but you may use biodegradable items and food coloring.
  •  No power tools allowed
  • Sign up in the pavilion if you want to be eligible for a participation gift.
Local Resident Sculptures
  • Local residents are encouraged to build a snow structure on their own property before February 18’th, but please also come to the event and build one on the lake or in the park
How to build a snow sculpture

The classic techniques used to build a snowman are fine for  Skatefest 2017 Snow Sculptures, but just in case you want get fancy, here is a bit more information.

A snow sculpture is any structure built out of ice and snow, from a snow sculpture construction toolssimple snowman to an elaborate lighted castle.  They all start with piles of snow, shaped or carved into a piece of art.  For ideas, check out some examples at this link

Building techniques include rolling big snowballs or making blocks out of snow, then piling them on top of each other to make the structure.   Depending on the consistency of the snow, water can be added to make the snow more workable.

For larger structures, you can make larger blocks of snow using culvert pipes or plywood forms.  The blocks can be saturated with watered and frozen, which adds stability.

Your basic structure is then sculpted like a piece of marble would be.  If you are not building on the lake, structural materials, such as PVC pipe or wooden 2x4s may be used to help support arms or other structures.  In these cases, hide the supports with slush and let it freeze.  Once the sculpture is roughed in, use slush to create fine detail and make the whole sculpture smooth and shiny.


(copied from blog )  Update: Allstate has a new article with examples of the 40 best snow sculptures here  (

  • Have a plan before you start building
  • Dress warm and be ready to get wet (bring extra gloves and socks)
  • Use slush for glue and fine detail
  • Build the base from the bottom up then sculpt from the top down
  • Add a little color (food coloring)
  • Finish by spraying water on the sculpture to add gloss and make it harden

Handy tools include a snow shovel, garden shovel, rake, hoe, garden trowel, chisel, mallet/hammer, hand saw, axe, trowel, bucket (for making blocks and storing slush), sprayer, spoon, wooden plank (for smoothing), spatula, carrots, food coloring and other decorations.

For the Center Harbor Skatefest 2017 event, sculptures on the lake and the town park may use food coloring or biodegradable items like a carrot, but not anything like PVC, wood, or items that would create trash when the sculpture melts.

Please leave your stature standing after Skatefest is over, so that visitors to Center Harbor can enjoy the statures for the rest of the winter.




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